Do you know how to go about Vlogging?

If not don’t worry, we’ll explain exactly what vlogging is. Vlogging, or ‘video blogging’, is an increasingly popular way for relevant employees in businesses to create short videos about their industry, interests, opinions, day to day life in the office or on the shop floor, which are then shared online through company social media accounts, web sites, blogs and E-newsletters.

Vlogging at Ainsworth Maguire PR

Video blogging gets your message across.

As with all online marketing activity, the company should have an internet/online/social media policy that is shared with employees to guide them on what is and what is not acceptable.

Fancy testing out your vlogging skills? Here are a few hints on how to get started:

  • Topic – The topic should be something you are knowledgeable or passionate about, and should be relatively unique to help set you apart from other vloggers in your industry.
  • YouTube – if your company does not have one already, set up a YouTube account. The name should ideally be something that is short and simple but reflects your vlog subject and company. There are other platforms besides YouTube, but as this one is owned by Google it does contribute to your company’s search engine marketing.
  • Equipment – we are not aiming for cinematic production here. At the bottom end it is possible to get away with today’s top end smart phones. However, a small investment in a DSLR with video capabilities, a tripod and a decent microphone will make a great deal of difference. Again – some lighting will also help make a much more professional looking vlog. Don’t rule out second hand – it is surprising what you can find; last week’s top end camera is often today’s second hand bargain thanks to the insatiable appetite some people have to upgrade as soon as the newest model is on the market.
  • Get posting – it is recommended that you create a series of good quality videos, then post frequently for the first month or so, then reduce the number to a level you can easily manage. Decide how often you want to post videos and stick to it as viewers will expect you to be consistent with your posts. Remember, a big topic can be broken down into smaller sections – two minutes should be your target.
  • Keep going – it’s important that you continue to have a presence and engage with your viewers otherwise they will lose interest, then when you do post a video the response will be disappointing. Even if you post just once a week, make sure that you continue to post on the same day each week. Viewers will come to know which day you post your videos and will be anticipating the next vlog.
  • Edit – to make your video’s look more professional it’s important to use editing software such as Windows Movie Maker, Apple iMovie or Android Movie Maker. To take your videos to higher level consider more pro-amateur software like Adobe Premier Elements.
  • Comments – ensure you monitor comments and respond accordingly, particularly if the comments are negative or spam. Take the opportunity to build a rapport with viewers as you never know they may just share your video or recommend your vlog to others.

For more information about how we can help support your visual media contact us today on 01706 221279 or mail

Amy McCandlish, Associate, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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