The Future Direction of Aerospace in the UK

As advocates for manufacturing we like to share useful insights whenever we can. One such is a joint IMechE and BDO report on the UK aerospace sector. You can go directly to it here:

Rolls Royce aero engine

In the preamble Tom Lawton head of BDO Manufacturing noted:

“It is encouraging to see the survey revealing strong positive sentiment in the aerospace sector, but the bald numbers belie some serious concerns about the UK’s continuing position as the world’s second biggest source of aerospace equipment after the US. Issues with long term agreements, productivity levels, availability of correctly skilled people and the rise of Asia as an aerospace powerhouse, conspire to negate any complacency.”

Aerospace is one of the major drivers in the UK the manufacturing economy (others being motor vehicles, rail and construction). The report highlights many issues and concerns among which:

  • 62% of aerospace manufacturers think that productivity is an issue.
  • 62 % are thinking of setting up overseas subsidiaries – with China and India the prime locations.
  • 63% believe that the UK needs more home grown mid-size companies to strengthen the aerospace sector.

Leading industrialists in other key sectors will probably have a similar views. Let’s hope that someone in Government is listening, that the industry can work together to exert pressure and influence. Globalisation is inevitable, but this does not mean that we should lose our edge in this important industry.

As Tom went on to add:

“The UK does have the right tools to remain an aerospace superpower – flexible labour market, strong skills base, a willingness to seek and invest in new technologies and a supportive Government. It is how it applies these skills to the rapidly changing world market that will dictate its success.”

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