The Importance of Using Visual Media to Market Your Business

The popularity of visual media continues grow at a rapid pace. Smart phone and tablets maybe a key driver, but SmartTVs, screens in cars and soon to be ‘wearables’ mean demand is insatiable for visual content. While the business to consumer market pioneer new techniques and devices, this is also a fantastic opportunity for companies in business to business – commercial, manufacturing, distribution – to get in on the act. Video graphicAs a marketing tool, the hardware and software required to make great visuals such as video has never been cheaper, more sophisticated and easier to use. This is complemented by plethora of distribution channels that are easy to access thanks to the internet and social media. Understandably, more and more companies are choosing to use videos to reach customers and showcase their business credentials far and wide, not just nationally but on a global scale. According to YouTube’s official blog, there are four billion videos viewed each day on their service alone.

Visual media can be used to sell, inform, persuade, or even change people’s perceptions. It can capture people’s imaginations, inspire loyalty and evoke action. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, visual media isn’t limited by word constraints, or time. Videos can be viewed online 24/7 and shared amongst contacts, achieving a much wider reach and engaging with new consumers.

There are many unrivalled benefits to using visual media, and many reasons why it should be part of your PR toolkit. Here is just a few examples:

Have fun and stand out from the crowd!
One of the biggest advantages of visual media is that it allows you to showcase your achievements, and sell your products and services, while capturing the essence of the business, such as the culture and corporate values and beliefs. Visual media can differentiate your business from that of your competitors, an important attribute in the decision making process.

It’s all about you!
Visual media is a great way to tell your story, whether it be the history of the company or the range of products or services on offer. There are no restrictions on the length of the video, giving you time to communicate your messages effectively.

WebSearch engines love videos
To ensure your video ranks highly amongst search engines, it must be supported by a title, description and tags, while meeting the needs of people searching the internet. You can also help boost search engine rankings by using transcripts.

Raise your brand profile
Visual media can heighten a consumer’s experience of a brand or product, and can also help reinforce purchases, particularly ones that may be costly and require a degree of research as part of the decision making process.

Often videos can be memorable and evoke emotions, good or bad, making them a very powerful sales tool. Over the past few years, department store John Lewis have received extensive media coverage and awards for their Christmas adverts on TV and online. The adverts are so well executed that John Lewis have reported a significant increase in sales over the Christmas period. The Christmas 2014 advert was viewed 16 million times on social media within a week of the advert being launched, and had seven million views alone in one 24 hour period.

Social meidaWiden your reach with social media
Another big advantage of visual media is that it can be shared with your contacts on social media. This can initiate a discussion around your business or products and may result in your contacts sharing your video with their contacts and so on and so on, which means free advertising for you.

Add credibility with customer testimonials
Customer testimonials can be very powerful and credible when used in visual media. The testimonials need to be believable, not scripted, and should give a true account of the customer’s experience.

Use visual media to educate
Visual media can be used not only to inform, but also educate your audience. Many businesses use video to train employees as it can be far more interesting than reading a wordy, and often quite dull, training document. Employees can watch the video at their own pace, time and time again if need be.

Public relationsA cost effective PR tool
Visual media can be a very cost effective, often the only cost is the production of the video which is can be cheaper than many other forms of marketing. Once the video is completed it can then be promoted through normal news releases, posted on social media sites, sent to clients via e-newsletters, used at exhibitions and events, and event included in full broadcast programmes on TV if initial production values and newsworthiness grab the broadcasters’ attention.

Ainsworth Maguire have created visual media for many of our market leading clients. For more information about how we can help support your visual media contact us today on 01706 221279 or mail

Amy McCandlish, Associate, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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