Manufacturing is Cool – Just Like Star Wars

My thanks for the headline to Dan Aldridge, CEO of Performa Apps, SAP evangelist and advocate of Forcam Force.

He has written, with a combination of humour and expertise, a colourful article outlining the evolution of Forcam’s management execution system (MES) and how this can transform manufacturing to deliver better overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and higher productivity and significantly improve return on investment. The latest iteration of this shop floor management  software is Forcam Force.

If you happen to be a user of SAP or other major ERP system, then this has the potential to not just enhance shop floor performance, but turbocharge your ERP system – stellar!

Don’t just take my word for it, here is Dan’s full article on LinkedIn Pulse:

Thanks Dan – great article. Now where is my lightsaber?

For more from the ‘young Jedi named Franz Gruber’ mentioned in Dan’s piece take a look at this excellant article in CIOReview.

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One response to “Manufacturing is Cool – Just Like Star Wars

  1. Reblogged this on Dan Aldridge's WordPress Blog and commented:
    Thank you so much Kevin! You are too kind. Yes, manufacturing is cool and I will sing it from the rooftops. Like to have fun when I’m doing it too. 🙂

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