New Factory for Street Shows Strength in Export Success

At Ainsworth Maguire PR we make no secret of our love for manufacturing, engineering, construction and technology industry sectors. We have had the privilege or providing public relations services to many innovative companies over the last 30 years. In the UK these sectors are often much maligned in favour of soft services; wrongly! These companies are the beating heart of our economy. They invent and reinvent, they train people for real skilled jobs and they generate true wealth.

The UK needs many more successful companies, like our client Street Crane who opened a new £3 million hoist factory yesterday. Besides being the largest overhead crane builder in the UK, the company has developed a hugely prosperous and growing export business and have been playing host to distributors from over 48 countries. A family owned business formed just after the Second World War, Street is still investing for the long-term. Whereas the shifty sharks that inhabit the glass towers of finance rarely think beyond the next micro-second of trading.

Street Crane new factory.

Family firm Street Crane hosting its international dealer conference alongside the opening of a new £3 million hoist works.

I can only hope that the lip service of ‘rebalancing the economy’ trotted out by electioneering politicians does eventually become reality. Meanwhile, I and Ainsworth Maguire want to congratulate Street Crane on their continuing success and we are honoured to have been allowed to be a very small part of that in the last decade or so.

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