Three in One Promotion Package Helps CPN Cudis Light the Way

Good things come in threes and the best ideas are simple. Combine the two and you can’t go wrong.

Long-time client CPN-Cudis manufacture electrical wiring products such as consumer units and miniature circuit breakers. Not long ago they had a light-bulb moment – literally! We’ve all been there, dark night, sat comfy and pop! Off goes the lights. There then follows the mad rush round, banging shins and bumping into things, looking for a working torch.

CPN-Cudis illuminated consumer unit

Maybe an extreme scenario, but you know what I mean. Well CPN-Cudis have neatly solved this problem by developing an LED strip that fits inside the flip-down cover of a consumer unit. When a breaker trips, simply open the cover and hey presto – let there be light! On the seventh day, having achieved this simple but effective solution, the boffins at CPN-Cudis rested. On the Eighth day they woke to realise they needed to tell everyone about it.

That’s where we came in. Not quite God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – more the video, the web site and the press release which we have combined into a no nonsense and extremely good value package under our TriathlonDigital brand. Thanks to Elite Film & Media – our fab video producer, RedChilli – the web wizards, and our humble selves – the PR wordsmiths, the illuminated LED consumer unit message is now out on the grapevine.

The beauty of this set-up for CPN-Cudis, is that they could come to one place and receive a fixed-priced package that combined everything they needed to get the marketing for their new product started. All crafted by skilled professionals with many years’ experience in their chosen fields.

If in reading this you are having an epiphany moment and have a product or service you want to promote without breaking the bank, then why not give Ainsworth Maguire a call on 01706 221279.

And should you be in need of a lovely consumer unit that looks great in the daytime and is even more dazzling should it go unexpectedly dark, then tell your electrician you don’t want any of that other rubbish and that they should visit, find a stockist and get you nothing but the best. Don’t forget to watch the video – a star is born!

Adrian Maguire, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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