‘Chase One Rabbit’ – Book Launch at the Liverpool International Festival for Business

I have never been a great fan of grandiose marketing theories or text books crammed with confusing jargon. Thankfully, ‘Chase One Rabbit’ is nothing like that. This is the second book by international consultant and trainer David Parrish. His first, ‘T-Shirts and Suits’, tackled the benefits of cross-understanding between the creative needs and business functions of a successful enterprise. ‘Chase One Rabbit’ focuses more on strategic marketing.

Chase One Rabbit book cover

Chase One Rabbit by David Parrish

David manages to turn what could be a theoretical exercise into 63 sections that go directly into provoking you to question your own business. And that is a good thing. Ainsworth Maguire will be entering its 30th year soon and reading the book made me realise that over that time we had developed certain approaches to our business that were no longer serving their original purpose. However we have been spending both time and resources on them. As a direct consequence of reading ‘Chase One Rabbit’ we now have a programme in place to reduce some of the lines of business that were not profitable and refocus attention on those that are. This will allow us to collapse unnecessary web sites and free up administrative resources too.

In many ways you could say that is obvious action to take. And it is. However, like everyone in business, there is a certain treadmill effect. Sometimes, you need help off the treadmill, to stand back and look again with fresh eyes. So at £12.95 for the paperback (£3.99 e-book edition), ‘Chase One Rabbit’ is a very wise investment indeed.

What is the link with the Liverpool International Festival for Business? The formal launch of the book was yesterday and took place in Liverpool, the host city for the festival which goes on through July. The packed event showed that many others obviously find the book to be extremely useful too.

It was also a pleasure to be in Liverpool. As someone from Bury, near Manchester, it is expected that I should indulge in some witty rivalry banter. Sorry to disappoint. Walking around the city yesterday, you could feel it has a spring back its step. I believe Liverpool’s continued resurgence and success is vital and good news for the North West as a whole.

Adrian Maguire, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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