Going Green is Good Business

I passed a truck on the M6 the other day that proclaimed that Jaguar Land Rover was going carbon neutral.  The company has active policies to reduce carbon inputs to the manufacturing process along with a programme of offsetting.

That Marks and Spencer has already achieved carbon neutrality is a milestone.  The significance is that these are big companies that have placed environmental policy right at the heart of their strategic plans.  These are not stereotyped tree-hugging hippy outfits.  More here from the Guardian.

This is a powerful message for all business.  M&S has achieved real tangible bottom line benefits.  More than this, it has energized the company reputation.    If you haven’t yet got started on your green plan or just need a framework to get going there is help here on our PR advice web site at: http://www.free-pr-advice.co.uk/environmentalposition.htm.

If you need more help explaining this internally and externally then let’s talk.  We can set up workshops and briefing groups, encourage participation and buy-in and help you convey the values of the programme to everyone that matters.

Kevin Ainsworth, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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