Sad News of Newspaper Losses and Hope of New Media Gains

The news that Trinity Mirror is culling 27 jobs in the North West regional newspapers group emerged earlier in the week.  This is sad news.  Among the losses are Kevin Feddy and Simon Donohue, business editor and deputy business editor respectively at the Manchester Evening News.  Our very best wishes for whatever comes next for them.

In recent years the MEN and the offshoot Greater Manchester Business Week, has increased serious business reporting in the region.  It is to be hoped that these losses, with the streamlining of news rooms, does not lead to a scaling back of this quality reporting.  North West business news deserves in-depth treatment and is vital for the region.

Ironically the news of the MEN shake-up came to us via the electronic newspaper, Prolific North.  In just a few weeks this web news source seems to have built a significant presence in the niche vacated by How-Do, the North West media e-zine.  Let’s hope that the displaced journalists can find a home with similar new media, in broadcasting or the other independent production companies emerging at Media City and the Sharp Project.

Our region is a major business and media hub.  The structure of media is changing rapidly, but the need for journalists like Kevin Feddy and Simon Donohue that can produce high quality professional news reporting is as important as ever.  Only last week the TV franchise for Greater Manchester was awarded to YourTV Group.  There is more on this here:

Our PR role is to bridge the gap between our clients and the media.  Whatever happens we will continue to take account of all available channels, evaluate their suitability for client news and maintain contact so that we can place material appropriately.

Kevin Ainsworth, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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