RIP Sir Bernard Lovell

I have just read on the BBC that astronomer and physicist Sir Bernard Lovell has died.  Very sad and it immediately brought back childhood memories of being taken to Jodrell Bank by my father to see the huge Lovell Radio Telescope in early seventies.

While I have never had the good fortune (or ability) to become either an astronomer or physicist that childhood visit did spark a lifelong interest in the subject.  Such icons of modern science can be every bit as inspiring to the young as modern athletes competing in the London Olympics.

It would be great if the government would invest a similar sum over a seven year period in creating an Olympics of science and technology.  Seven years would require cross party support and outlast a single term of government.

Perhaps someone like Richard Branson could champion such a scheme.  James Dyson, Trevor Bayliss, Brian Cox and many others could also be involved.  They could even call it the ‘Lovell Games’ as a lasting tribute to Sir Bernard!

Adrian Maguire, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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