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Carlo writes about Pinterest for PR

Carlo Pandian is a freelance writer based in UK and works for Media Recruitment. When he’s not online or cycling around town, you can’t get him out of the kitchen for his love of food.

Pinterest is one of the most exciting emerging websites to have been released in a long time.  This is a social media site with a difference. The site is image based; you upload and share pictures and photos in the form of pinboards. These boards can be shared online or set to private, but if you are using the site for PR you will certainly want to ensure everyone is able to view what you post.  There has been some confusion on how the site can be used for promotional purposes, so here are some tips on how to get to grips with Pinterest and make it work for you.

Pinterest for PR

Sign Up and Create Your Profile

When you register spend time filling in your profile. Add an image and include links to your other online profiles such as your website and Twitter. Then add the Pinterest button on your site so that visitors can create their own pins using your images. Each image retains the link from the URL that the image is taken from so everyone will be led back to your pages. Also tick each of the relevant areas of interest which relate to your business such as technology or travel.

Targeting Consumers

If you sell products to consumers rather than services the use of Pinterest is pretty self-explanatory. Create pinboards to show off your products and try to do this in creative ways. Avoid using catalogue images, think of something new.  Perhaps hire a photographer to take photos of your products in wonderful scenery, funny scenarios or simply create beautiful shots that will resonate with the consumers. Create pinboards for each type of product to help keep things organised and to create multiple pages of interest which can be followed by users of the site.

Business Services

When you sell a service rather than products you will need to be a little more creative. You can create pinboards and share images of items and shots related to what you provide. If you run your own blog, and in this day and age this really is a must for all companies, you can add the images on each blog post. This will link back to your site when the image is clicked helping to encourage more traffic and provide detailed information for anyone who is interested.

Use the Description to Optimise Your Images

When you post an image or even representing someone else’s you will need to fill out a description. Use this space to add your keywords providing they are relevant and any other tags that might be required. Remember if you have been creative with the shot you can add information about the shoot, location or colours to try and attract a wider audience.

Company Involvement

If you are working in a team it is a good idea to allow them to use the site and add to the pins. Pinterest eats up time like all social networking sites so spreading out the use of the site can be beneficial to productivity. You can even use the site to show off the personality of your brand. Consider adding a behind the scenes board and post images of your offices, projects, meetings, events, mind maps or anything else which may be of interest.

Follow People

Social media is all about building connections and networks. Spend time following other people on the site and like their images. Represent ones which are relevant to your boards and always credit the person that pinned it originally by tagging them in the description. This is a good way to encourage people to follow you and show you are not just a selfish user of the site.

With these tips you should find that Pinterest becomes an important part of your PR campaign. It’s good to get involved in all social media sites; especially ones which link directly back to your website and allow you to get creative with your products and services.

Thank you to Carlo for this insightful article.

Adrian Maguire, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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