Planning a PR or Advertising Campaign? Don’t Forget Print Media!

While digital media, in all its forms, is very much flavour of the day, there is still a healthy range of print media addressing the needs of most market sectors.  I am a consumer of both.  Quick snapshots I am happy to view on my mobile phone.  I research and read many articles on the web and also read books on a Kindle.  However, I still read newspapers, subscribe to magazines and buy printed books.  For me it is horses for courses.  In my work I use computers every day, there comes a point where I just don’t want to be hunched over a screen anymore, I want to kick back and relax and that is where I find printed media works best.

Don’t just take my word for it though; see what Myadbase has to say.  Myadbase is an advertising media and agency search service for publishers, buyers of advertising and agencies from around the world.  Whether you buy or sell advertising in any media format, or just want to know about the industry, visit for impartial advice.

The following is taken from their website with their kind permission and though about advertising it applies equally well to PR.

Advantages Of Print Media – by Myadbase

What are the Advantages Of Print Media over a number of other advertising media formats?

Print mediaThe advertising media format of the moment has to be Online advertising – but does it clean up in every department?

The traditionalists (and magazine and newspaper publishers) will say no and the fact of the matter is that magazine advertising and newspaper advertising does have its advantages in the media advertising mix.

One of the main advantages of print media is its capacity to excite and stimulate when people are in a relaxed frame of mind. Even though Internet Advertising has the edge in cost per lead terms, it is print media that seems to stay with us.

If you run a campaign of magazine advertisements you are unlikely to be able to monitor the effectiveness of that schedule in direct response terms.  However, print media seems to be moving away from direct response anyway and is now positioning itself as a corporate, brand awareness or back-up media to other formats of advertising.

One of the other main advantages of print media is its credibility.  If you see it in print, it usually holds a higher position of respect and value – one thing that the internet is falling down on, due to the fact that it is very much a content-led format and therefore depends very much on results from search engines.  Of course, people who want to make money from ad clicks are abusing this, by putting up very poor content.

Whatever you say about print media, it is here to stay and continues to be a valuable tool for advertisers, publishers and readers like you and me.

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