Manage Your Digital Media: A Good Company Archive Could Save You ££££s

It has never been easier to record company events, manufacturing processes and site operations.  The technology is ever cheaper, more effective and simpler to use.  Digital cameras, camcorders and even mobile phones provide the opportunities to add material to your company archive.  A £50 scanner will turn older negatives/transparencies and images back into usable material for web sites, brochures, blogs and more.

Typical company picture showing distribution centre sales counter

Even amateur photo and video material should be archived for company use.

*Image: Cudis CPN Circuit Breakers and Consumer Units

To make the best of this resource nominate someone as the company archivist.  Get your digital resource organised, categorised and make it available to your staff, PR company, design and web company.  Computer storage has never been cheaper or more shareable than today.  Also, invest in some acid free storage and archive boxes to store and protect valuable original items once they have been digitised.  Keep them in a dry, room temperature, environment away from any potential hazards like water pipes.

When you do use professionals to generate photographic or video content, negotiate copyright with them and ensure that you can add the material to your archive free of any further fees.  If any older material has copyright doubts, then go back to source, verify and get written permission to use them so you don’t get in any hot water later.

If you are going to try your hand at digital photography – and it is worth a go – then our PR checklist – Digital Photography – Take Better PR Pictures for your Business, is a good starting point.  There are plenty of good books and accessible magazines available to help sharpen skills.

Remember though, and this is vitally important, don’t practice in situations where only a professional will do!  Know your limitations – both skill and equipment – and hire a Pro when needed.  They are worth every penny.

Adrian Maguire, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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