Don’t Make Customers Climb Clumsy Web Walls

I have just been through an exercise to cost some packshot photography – the most basic form of commercial photography.  I wanted to work quickly because I had a scheduled call with a PR client and I wanted to present them with a range of photography options and a guide to cost.

Packshot photography is what it says, a straightforward picture of a product against a white background.  With packshot the buyer priorities are competence, price and quick turnaround.  It is very cost effective where simple product catalogues are required.

There are scores of packshot companies listed on Google.  Some have no-nonsense web sites with basic information, notes explaining technical terms, a few well chosen examples to show the range of their work and simple pricing tables.  Others are less straightforward.  These tend to confuse packshot with creative photography.

With creative, the criteria are much more complex.  If I am looking for creativity then a gallery of work is the best way to showcase capability, but if I am looking for basic packshots then the last thing I want to see are sprawling showreels of pictures before I get to the information that I want.

This brings me to my point.  Web owners and designers need to understand buyer needs and behaviour.  Web sites need to deliver quickly and they need to do so without barriers or effort on the part of the user.   If you need to gather information in order to give a quotation then ask for the minimum details – don’t make the potential buyer complete a multi-question form as did one of the sites I reviewed.

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