Intellectual Property – A Timely Warning

A letter from the Intellectual Property office reminds us that there are con-men out there only too willing to exploit the gullible.  If you own a trade mark, patent, registered design or other officially registered IP then you are a likely victim unless you are on your guard.

Scams include:

  • Renewal reminders, offering assistance – for a fee – with the renewal;
  • Entries on unofficial registers – these are not needed;
  • Assistance (usually minimal) – for a fee – with Community Trade Mark filing.

Sometimes these services are quite plausible and may even seem to come from official sounding organisations.  The only organisation in the UK that deals with IP is the Intellectual Property Office.

If you receive any scam communication like this then please report it to Trading Standards.

If you need a basic ‘how-to’ guide to making a trade mark application in the UK then you can find it on the Free PR Advice site at:

Kevin Ainsworth, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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