PR Internships – Bad PR for Big PR

There is a glut of graduates out there – many of them desperate to get into PR.  Some of them are so desperate that they will work for nothing.  Now some of the biggest names in the industry have stepped up to take on these young hopefuls.  The deal, apparently is that they get to work in some posh London office alongside the real professionals for six months and the big company pays them their out of pocket expenses.  This raises several questions.

  • Is this a proper way to skill-up the already educated so that they can do a professional job?
  • Is it rank exploitation?
  • Does it undermine skilled, experienced and properly paid practitioners?
  • What do the clients of these expensive PR shops think about the role of unpaid apprentices working on their accounts (and probably being charged full whack)?

If you are looking for your first PR role, then we have just updated the PR Careers Advice checklist.

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations also has some very sound advice for both employers and employees on the subject in their Work Placement Charter,

Kevin Ainsworth, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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