Packaging – Good PR Intentions Go Bad

The news in March that certain types of recycled card packaging could contain dangerous levels of carcinogenic chemicals must have frightened many marketing managers.  Here is the BBC’s take

Some notable companies gaining green hero status for using recycled packaging material now find themselves in the dock as potential mass poisoners!  It just goes to show how easily green reputations can be tarnished, even though original intentions were honourable.

Issues sometimes emerge slowly and you can plan a transition to another process or material.  But sometimes, as in this case, there can be a sudden revelation and deep embarrassment if you have not already planned your response.

There are two checklists on the Free PR web site that are relevant here.   The first is about handling a crisis, but should be taken as a guide to how to avoid one.  The second is about going green and keeping on the right side of the changing environmental agenda.

Have a look to gather some ideas and follow up the further references if you need more information.   Better still, give me a call if you think you could ever face a similar dilemma and I can help you work out and deliver your strategy.

Kevin Ainsworth, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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