Kinetic Typography – More Memorable Presentation?

We all know about death by PowerPoint – the devastatingly boring technique whereby the speakers notes are reproduced verbatim on the screen as they speak.  Because we can read much faster than someone can talk we get to the end before the speaker does and then resent them for the life wasting boredom as they catch-up.

Now the first time I heard about kinetic typography I thought that it would be just the same, but have a look at this YouTube clip uploaded by RogersCreations featuring the voice of Stephen Fry:

Is it more entertaining (and persuasive) to see Stephen’s words popping onto screen, with all the fancy fonts and geometry, as he speaks, rather than seeing his animated face?  In his case I think not.  But if this was me (“That’s a great face for radio, Kevin.”) and possibly you, then it could work.

Much business communication is about presentation and presentation is about engagement.  Perhaps kinetic typography could provide the drama and interest that is so often missing when a presentation or video is just a talking head.

Kevin Ainsworth, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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