Ineffective Direct Mail and Marketing the Royal Mail Way

My old friends at Royal Mail could learn a particular lesson by looking at the direct mail checklist

I am prompted to make this suggestion by not one, but two mailings from Royal Mail promoting their services.  In both cases the mailings were addressed to the “Managing Director” because they just cannot be bothered to find the name of the real person who deals with such things.  In both cases the mailings were addressed to our old address – the one we left 14 months ago and the one for which they offered the totally ineffective redirection service for which they had to reimburse the fee.

When Adam Crozier was in post, there was at least a poor and pitiful response to complaints.  Now it seems that this headless and hopeless organisation cannot even acknowledge communications, let alone get them right.

The principles of good business and good PR are so simple.  It’s about dealing with people, as real people, not as data sets to be processed, acknowledging who they are what they need and providing this efficiently.

Royal Mail has a lot of good people, not least the posties who do their job diligently in all weathers.  It is a pity that senior management lack such professionalism dedication and focus.

Kevin Ainsworth, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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