Machine to Machine (M2M) – The Future of Mobile Communications

We seem to be moving to a future that is ever-connected. At home, on the move, at work and at play we communicate, consume media, game and download information. The simple mobile phone is not what it was. This perception was reinforced recently in a talk given to Bury Digital by Dr Mike Short, vice president of research and development at Telefonica Europe. He gave an insight into tomorrow’s connected world.

Dr Mike Short

Charting the stellar growth of mobile phones, mobile broadband, fixed broadband and internet services, Dr Short predicted developments in mobile hardware, networks, broadband capacity and services that will revolutionise every aspect of home and business life.

Taking health and wellbeing as an example, Dr Short explained that O2 is part of Continua Alliance, an association of 250 global companies engaged in digital health care. He outlined how mobile communications will support people in living active and independent lives. We face a demographic time bomb, Dr Short explained, and as the population ages there may be insufficient carers to cope with the workload. Mobile technologies can provide the essential systems for social and medical support, care and security, making people less isolated and vulnerable.

Looking forward, Dr Short predicted that what we now know as mobile communication will become far richer and more customised to each users needs and lifestyle. It will provide information, entertainment, communication and a range of new applications, the scope of which is limited only by the ingenuity and imagination of their developers.

Kevin Ainsworth, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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