Old Media – Going Through the Change!

The news that a 130 year old construction industry weekly, The Contract Journal, is to cease publication was greeted with much sadness.  As a PR service provider that has worked with clients in the construction sector for over 25 years, I respected the Contract Journal for its publishing integrity.

About the same time I came across the launch of TheBlogPaper a free newspaper with content taken entirely from blogs.  Have a look at the beta site on www.theblogpaper.co.uk.

The old media structure is changing and is being replaced by new and dynamic channels.  Only time will tell if the new channels can achieve the same quality and longevity of publications such as The Contract Journal.  New media is good at announcements and speed in reaching its audience.  However, it can lack the depth that an experienced journalist or editor brings to a subject – especially a technical field.

The internet continues to revolutionise habits of news consumption and information seeking.  Apple’s launch of the iPad maybe another step to towards seemless ‘anywhere – anytime’ information access.

What is clear is that good content – material that informs, enlightens and entertains – will be published, read and move people to action.  This has profound implications for the traditional trades of journalism and public relations.

Quality content will succeed.  Needless to say, if you need a PR company that understands these trends and can write compelling content, you know where we are www.ainsmag.co.uk.

Kevin Ainsworth, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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