Pictures are People Pullers, but Words are Still better for SEO!

I have just received an e-newsletter from a designer that showcases a web site created entirely in Flash.  It is a very beautiful web site with some first class photographic images that really do show his clients product and expertise to perfection. 

Traditionally Flash has been a no no if you want your site to be recognised, indexed and ranked by search engines.  If you ignored this you ended up with a pretty site – but only the people who knew the URL could find it.  Now this has changed, the search engines are improving the way they index text content in Flash, but how effective is this?  The following post, from Brian Ussery, an expert in these matters, will provide some food for thought

Pictorial content has huge impact and value.  But it is important to strike the correct balance between image and written content.  From a Googlebot perspective the correct selection of domain name, title tags, page head titles, sub headings and well written body copy that is key word/phrase rich and relevant to each other will boost ranking and initial traffic.  Textual content is still king. 

The information needs of the visitor must be paramount.  Crucially, sites need to be relevant and the content consistent with the promise.  It is easy to build a site around a few decent images, often backed up with clichéd shots from photo libraries or material culled without thought from company publications.  However, it is much harder to research and write the tight, readable copy that humans will also happily read and enjoy so you site achieves the engagement you want, builds goodwill and encourages further enquiries.

Kevin Ainsworth, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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