Money for Nothing – Royal Mail Fails the Micro PR Test of Delivering Satisfactory Customer Service

The Royal Mail is unable to offer a satisfactory business mail redirection service if you are relocating from premises in multiple occupation.  That’s official and comes from the office of the CEO, Adam Crozier.  This is not good customer relations – it is not good PR.

Royal Mail

Royal Mail - a public relations disaster

This will not prevent them accepting a fee for the service. If you complain about their non performance, it may improve – temporarily – but may then lapse.   If you chase the CEO, you may eventually get an admission that they cannot deliver the promised service and your money back – eventually being the operative word.

This is our experience having relocated a business with two brands two months ago.

We tried the official Royal Mail complaints channels first.  In the best traditions of such organisations the service is hopelessly under resourced.  To get through takes persistence, time, and costs you money.    Faced with a call centre with multi-layered options and pre-recorded protestations that their lines are all busy – how many people just give up?  This is not good customer relations – it is not good PR.

The Royal Mail in not unique in poor PR and customer service.  The proliferation of automated call handling, poorly trained call centre staff and failure to recognise and rectify problems speedily is sadly far too common and is corrosive of trust, brand and reputation.

Persistence does pay.  After two rounds with the complaints system, 14 minutes and six minutes respectively, and various email exchanges with Adam Crozier and his staff we got our money back with an admission that the redirection service has problems.

If you already have signed up for this service – and have had the same problems we did – ask for your money back and accept no alternative.  They will offer to extend their useless service for longer if you don’t insist on your money back.

Bypass the useless complaints procedure and go directly to Adam Crozier, who does seem to get things moving – good luck.  Incidentally if you have other complaints against organisation and you want to go direct to the top, then CEO E-mail addresses is a useful web site to explore.

Kevin Ainsworth, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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