Free Crisis Management Advice for Greedy Bankers

Bankers just keep getting it wrong.  The performance of the gang of four before the UK treasury select committee not only showed their incompetence but also that of their PR advisers.

Given the seriousness of their blunders and the millions of innocent people worldwide that will be severely affected for many years to come, the advice should be ‘say sorry and mean it, fall on your sword and go into early retirement’.

It seems that their belated tutoring in the finer arts of dealing with the media did not succeed in fooling anyone, as their arrogance soon shone through. 

I am sure this sage PR advice didn’t come cheap.  There is a lot of good basic advice in our crisis management checklist on the free PR advice web site.  Have a look for yourself at where there are over 30 common sense checklists on PR and marketing issues.

Here is some sound cisis management advice from Kel Kelly’s blog – showing that the same holds true for the US bankers too.

Why pay for rubbish advice?  Leave that to the bankers!

Kevin Ainsworth, Partner, Ainsworth Maguire Public Relations

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